How to expand the usability of Xcode extension by communicating with the containing app

This series contains 5 chapters

  1. Xcode Extension 1/5 — Starting Guide
  2. Xcode Extension 2/5 — Customization setting & POC
  3. Xcode Extension 3/5 — interactive UI
  4. Xcode Extension 4/5 —Intercommunication
  5. Xcode Extension 5/5 — Common Ask Questions

Through these tutorials, you will master Xcode extension without limitation since XcodeKit was known as very limited extension environment. After some research and experiment, the previous description is not so true. We’ll have more explanation later.

All tutorials are base on:

  • Xcode: Version 12.4 (12D4e)
  • Swift: 5.x

Create a project — BetterExtension with “Source Editor Extension”

Create BetterExtension Project

To make a…

Things you may need to know about the power of SwiftUI, and how we can take advantage of it by some tricks.

Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Setting for Localization
  3. Adding a new language
  4. Make preview window with multi-language
  5. Make the app with dynamic changing language


I have some years of experience on iOS development, but not continually. Whenever I go bak to iOS development, it changes a lot all the time. The most recent significant changes for me are M1 support, SwiftUI, and almost usable refactoring tool. Interestingly, you may find the changes from the beginning of NSxxx for Object-C, UIKit for Storyboard generation, and the last SwiftUI. After paying some attention on it, I can tell you what you think of SwiftUI maybe…

KC Chen

simply a coder

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